DIY Waldorf bunny SEWING KIT + PDF Pattern e-book • WARM GREY • Shipping out from Monday feb 19th.

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NO finished doll included 

• PATTERN AND INSTRUCTION E-BOOK is not included as a physical product but will be emailed to you as a download link after purchase 

• Make sure to download and save the pattern on your computer. The link will be active for a month after purchase •

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These instructions are written in English •

With this e-book pattern and the following DIY materials you will be able to sew one Little Kin Studio Soft Velour Bunny Doll. This bunny doll is made out of a cotton velour stretch fabric, organic wool stuffing and cotton doll skin and is perfect as a child's first handmade doll. The doll measures 11"/ 28 cm without ears and 14"/ 36 cm with ears.

The pattern is designed for beginner doll-makers who has some knowledge of sewing in hand and on a sewing machine.

The pattern consists of 34 pages, with more than 100 step-by-step photos and easily understandable work descriptions.

The kit includes:

Cotton velour stretch fabric

Cotton stockinette

doll skin fabric

cotton fabric for inside of ear

wool batting

craft thread for shaing the head

Mohair yarn for hair

Black embroidery thread for embroidering eyes

Red/ pink embroidery thread for embroidering the mouth

Red beeswax cloth for coloring cheeks


You will also need following materials/tools which are not included:

Sewing thread

Measuring tape

Sewing needle (long and regular)


Sewing machine


Disappearing fabric pen / chalk


Please be aware that download patterns are non-refundable.

This pattern is copyright of Kathrine Houe / Little Kin Studio 2019 and is for private use only. It is not allowed to sell any dolls made from this pattern or variations of this pattern. It is not allowed to share this pattern or parts of this pattern in any way.