Waldorf inspired doll · large girl

Waldorf inspired doll · large girl

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Our Waldorf inspired dolls are 100 % handmade in Peru & Brooklyn and made entirely out of only natural materials. Body is made of a linen/cotton blend, the doll is stuffed with organic wool and has button jointed arms. Cheeks are colored with a natural beeswax color. This is our large dool measuring about 15”.

This girl doll has long braided hair and comes with a removable dress. 

 Hair will get tangly but can gently be combed out with your fingers or a soft bristled hairbrush. Over time, cheeks will fade, but can easily be reapplied using a natural beeswax color like Stockmar. 

Please know that due to the nature of handmade each doll has slight variations in look and expression.

Not intended for children under the age of 3. Not intended for rough play.


Handmade in Peru & Brooklyn, New York.