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ethically handcrafted by artisans from top to toe. all natural materials from inside to out. an heirloom for your little kin, forevermore

About Little Kin Studio

About Little Kin Studio

Little Kin Studio is a small, female-owned business based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We specialize in crafting handmade cloth dolls and soft toys using natural materials, designed to foster creative play and social skill development in children. Each of our dolls is meticulously handmade with a considerable amount of time, care, and traditional Waldorf production methods. Our design ethos blends modern aesthetics with classic Scandinavian style, resulting in a minimalistic yet timeless expression.

We firmly believe that toys can be both beautiful and well-made while providing great play value. With our contemporary design approach, we strive to create cloth dolls that appeal to children of all genders as well as parents worldwide.

Our hope is that Little Kin Studio dolls will not only become cherished companions for your little ones but also heirlooms that can be passed down from sibling to sibling and through generations.I missed the simplicity and clean lines I grew up with myself and as a result, I decided to design my own. A doll inspired by the traditional Waldorf doll, made with the same old techniques and entirely out of natural materials but with a modern and minimalistic expression.

X Kat

founder & designer