Our story

Little Kin Studio started out in 2019 on a living room table in Brooklyn, New York. After spending more than 10 years working as a writer and stylist in women's fashion and then a couple more working as a consultant and writer for different children's fashion brands, danish-born Kat decided to follow her heart and start a micro-brand focusing on ethically produced handmade toys in natural materials.

Despite a maternity leave, a pandemic, 13 months of homeschooling 3 kids and a move across the Atlantic, Little Kin Studio has experienced a constant but organic groth, dictated by the slow crafting methods used in the production of every single doll.

At the moment, Kat, her three kids and their dog resides in Denmark while her husband still lives and works in Brooklyn, where they all hope to be reunited when the world once again feels like a gentler place. Until then, Kat will keep designing new dolls and animals, for kids all over the world to play with.